Sex: with a big body


It's exciting, and the ultimate pleasure for most people. But when you have body image issues it can be more nerve wracking than your partner can understand. Add to that big bouncy thighs that gets in the way and you have a dating nightmare on your hands.

As someone who is presently dating with a Lipedema body I can tell you that this is one of my main concerns with finding and fully enjoying a partner. Some of the most widely talked about positions, namely :girl on top, are almost completely out of the question.

Let me share my tips and tricks with you to make your experiences a little less nerve wracking and a lot more comfortable!

1 - Choose more comfortable and accessible positions.

Favorite comfy positions include :

  • missionary style - if you're concerned about the weight of your legs, you can comfortably rest your feet on the bed (knees up)

  • Doggy - where the woman is on all fours or leaning over a piece of furniture and partner can stand behind you - doing most of the work

I know its a short list but I'll try to add more as they come to mind

2 - Wear Thigh high garments