Parenting with Disabilities

When I first decided to start a family, I dreamed of all the fun family activites and traditions we'd do. Sugar shack trips in the Spring, Strawberry picking in the summer, Apple picking in the fall and tobogganing in the winter! I never imagined that my body would protest these dreams.

When my daughter was very young, I decided to have a gastric bypass to lose weight and have more energy to keep up with my quickly growing child. Little did I know, the surgery was not the right move to treat my excess weight and tired body.

I didn't know that I had Lipedema or Lymphedema. Those around me told me I was just fat and lazy - and in my ignorance, I couldn't argue so, I believed them - but that's a story for another post. Long story short, I developed nutritional deficiencies, arthritis, stenosis and neumerous other debilitating medical conditions.

After having my second child, my body couldn't cope. Getting out of bed was a painful struggle - but I couldn't stay in bed and rest because I had two little children and one big 'dead weight'(also for another post) to take care of.

I knew I couldn't keep doing things the same way I had been. I had to take care of everyone including myself. I googled parents with disabilities to see what help I could find with little success. I found a few parents with disabilities but few who were full time care takers.

The only thing I could think of to do was to drop 'the dead weight' and while that helped a lot, looking after two kids on my own was just as difficult.