Our relationship with food

Everything in life is a relationship - you have a relationship with your bed, with your friends, with nature, God if that's your thing... and food.

Food is a relationship alot of people struggle with - I know I did for a long time.

At 32 I finally recognized that I could control my part in relationships... and started to sort through relationships I had with people and things around me. I started organizing my things, getting rid of clutter, keeping my house clean etc. And one relationship I knew needed some serious attention is my relationship with food!

I have a very complicated history with food. I suffered from child obesity - I used food as a comfortor when I was feeling sad and simultaneously a punishment for being so weak to feel such negative feelings in the 1ST place. I used food like a familiar friend to celebrate with, to fight with , to look at with disgust, lust, wonder etc. Food and I had a full on drama. More drama that I ever had with any other relationship in my life. I hated food for making me fat, I hated how much I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it - it filled a hole in side of me temporarily while simultaneously creating hurt with the shame I felt for needing it so bad.