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My Favorite Products

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Vibration board - I use this twice daily. It gives me lower body a bit of a workout without my barely breaking a sweat. This feels more like a massage than a workout and I would recommend everyone who can't tolerate regular exercise to give it a try*

Jobst Custom Flat knit Compression - Panty hoe compression has absolutely changed my life. after years and years of fighting the need to wear compression I finally gave in and started wearing it daily. What a difference. My compression is like a second skin and I can't imagine being without it. See your local medical retail supply store to see a trained compression fitter who will measure you for your own pair. It's very important to note that compression is covered by most insurance companies.*

Xpandasox - I've been looking for cute knee high socks for years and was SO happy to find these. Check them out on Amazon.ca here or Amazon.com Here I recommend pairing the socks with a body adhesive like Jobst "it Stays' Body adhesive

*check with your healthcare practitioner if you have health concerns before using this product)

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