• Katie

Mentally healing after a Lipedema Diagnosis

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

For years, my whole life, I have been fat.

I have tried countless diets, seen personal trainers, doctors have prescribed weight loss aids and I even had A gastric bypass.

Not even the surgery could cure me of my fatness. Why can’t I lose weight? Everyone becomes thin after weight loss surgery? But not me... what was I doing wrong?

After years of leg pain I begged my GP to see someone about my leg pain and varicose veins. This doctor mentioned one little term in passing that I barely even picked up on at the time ‘Lipedema’.

It would be another 6 years of daily pain, mobility issues and fat shaming before I could really understand why I couldn’t lose weight. Even after a gastric bypass, my legs, upper arms and posterior didn’t change.