How I cured my depression

How I learned to love myself... lumps bumps and all :

My entire adult life was overshadowed by a dark cloud of depression. It followed me everywhere. I tried to shirk it off, but the more I ignored it, the bigger it grew. It made it's way into every area of my life - everything in the world around me became filtered through this cloud of 'Why bothers' and 'What's the point'. I started havin my excestensial crisis at a young age and never resolved it. I felt like my time here on this earth was pointless - No one would ever love me because I brought no value to the world. The more I thought about it, the more depressed I became until my brain started to tell me 'You're a waste of space, taking up the world's time and resources while giving nothing back in return.'

Whether or not these thoughts were true or even made sense didn't matter - They were no truer truths I knew. I kept hoping that someone would come along and tell me that I was worthy of Love. Kept hoping for someone to come tell me how to feel better, but as time went on people came and went - using the exact words I wanted to hear, but it did nothing to ease the heaviness on my heart.

I had no idea that I was the only one I needed to hear from.

After two decades of complete misery, the fog is finally lifting enough that I can help others through the fog of depression and self loathing. I want to share with you the strategies I used to get through my darkest moments.

I've used many strategies to search for happiness with varying degrees of success. The road to recovery from depression is not what you think it is. It doesn't involve fixing any of your problems - or doing much of anything at all - what is does involve is a willingness(and eventually desire) to be open minded and see things from a new perspective.

Believe it or not - YOU CAN BE HAPPY - Just as you are, without changing your financial circumstances, wardrobe or