• Katie

Get Positive

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

So in my previous post I mentioned that you can achieve everything you have ever wanted if you truly believe it is possible.

The idea is that your were created with a specific purpose and potential. All the aspirations you have were predetermined by the almighty universe (Also known as God).

The problem in achieving our fullest potential is when we let doubt creep in and impede our faith.

We are so obsessed with what Others say and think about us in today’s culture. We let magazines, social Media and commercials tell us what we should be, do, feel and look like. This seriously impacts our self image and limits our dreams. “I can’t be a model because my body doesn’t look like hers” or “When I was 5 my siblings always told me I had a terrible singing voice, so I shouldn’t sing in public” we obsess over these ‘false truths‘ And let them limit our goals and dreams.

In addition to these limiting thoughts....

we live in a culture filled with warnings based on worst case scenarios - Buy this car because in the event of a serious crash your family will be ... slightly less harmed potentially... maybe, or ‘caution! The contents of this cup maybe hot and cause burns’ etc.