• Katie

Dressing with Lipedema

I was first diagnosed with lipedema about 8 years ago when I went to have my varicose veins treated. I learned That my tree trunk legs were Permanent!

I quickly hopped online to look up ways to disguise my legs, but there wasn’t anything out there at the time - Lipedema was still a little known diagnosis.

It has takes me years to work at finding good looking, comfortable clothing that both fit and look good!

My Lipedema has progressed to level 3 and my top is a size Medium while my waist is a size 16 or so - I can’t get pants smaller than a size 24 to fit over my large calves and thighs.

I hope to share tips, trick, comfortable styles that don’t restrict blood flow or lymph drainage etc.!

If you have some favourite styles that suit lippy legs, send me a message! I would love to know what others out there are doing to cope with this annoying, permanent fat disorder.

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