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Be Obsessed

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Once you have decided what your Big dreams are for your Ultimate Extraordinary life it is time to work on making the dream a reality.

Sure I could tell you that if you want to be a model you should get Headshots taken, start a portfolio, contact talent agencies etc. Honestly I don’t know what goes into starting a conventional modeling career. So that is not the Type of advice I am going to give you.

Once you know what you want - get obsessed! Pray, meditate, and truly believe it is not only possible but it WILL happen.

Imagine yourself in your new chosen career or office. Picture yourself being recognized for your natural talents achievements. What will it feel like to be so successful, what will you do once you get there.

Now take those feelings and focus on feeling them. Concentrate on these images and feelings constantly throughout the day.

Soon you will see real opportunities presenting themselves in your current life Or you will come up with ideas that may contribute to getting you on your way.

Remember that your life may not change over night or all of a sudden but it COULD! If your destiny is in line with what you’ve dreamed up it will happen- it may be a big break type achievement of your dreams or it may be a very slow building and progression.

Remember you have the rest of your life to achieve these dreams! If you do the work and really commit to getting obsessed with your dreams becoming a reality then it is only a matter of time before the dream manifests into reality.

Be Bold

Be Confident

Be Obsessed with Being the Ultimate Extraordinary Version of You!

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