• Katie

Be a Dreamer

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

It is a well kept secret that you can have everything in life that you have ever dreamed of.

It is said that your hopes and dreams, even your deepest most Secret desires, can come to pass! All that is required of you is to believe!

We probably all remember hearing when we were young “you can be anything you want to be” - but how many of us actually believe that? Has all the magic you believed in as a child disappeared from your life as the reality of bills and responsibilities that come along with adulthood set in?

Well I am here to try to prove that ANYTHING - all your wildest dreams can come true if only you believe it will!

My dreams and and aspirations are numerous- so numerous that I can’t even figure out where to start!

I get new ideas almost daily on how to build my future ‘AsKatie’ Empire! Even though I only have three followers (all of which are family).

So how does this magic work? It is surprisingly well documented! If you head to your local Chapters or Library you will find piles of self help books about achieving your dreams. Personally I really enjoy the ‘Lucky B*tch’ books by Denise Duffield-Thomas and ‘You’re a Bad*ss’ series by Jen Sincero. The ladies who wrote these books didn’t spend their whole lives devoted day in and day out studying or planning what they wanted to do or be when they grew up. They were simply tired of living an ordinary life and decided to tap into the special magic the universe has waiting for you to unlock.