G. L. A. M.Global Lipedema/Lymphedema Awareness Mission 

The Idea

I want to help the conversation surrounding Lipedema go viral!
Lipedema is such a common issue among women, it is estimated that as much as 11% of women are affected, yet most doctors aren't even aware of this condition.  
With early detection the negative symptoms of Lipedema can be greatly reduces and the progression can be slowed.  Unfortunately so many of us find out about Lipedema after symptoms like chronic pain and immobility have started.

If we can raise awareness of Lipedema maybe we can prevent future generations from suffering from this AND fund research and treatment for those of us who suffer.

I hope to make a video documentary of my journey and contribute to global research and training surrounding Lipedema and it's comorbidities.

My Dream

Call it a far fetched dream but:

I dream that I will in the future we'll have a charity set up to fund research and treatment for Lipedema and Lymphedema. Including mental health support and rehabilitation Centers Worldwide.

Dream Big!

Links to Lipedema Research

Thank You For Your Support