A Message from Katie


 What is my story and why am I creating this 'blog' ?

            Well I have never been much more than ordinary.  

As a child I was a normal little red headed curly sue,  but by 9 years old my legs started to outgrow me.  I remember my mom trying her best to monitor my calorie intake by putting locks on the cupboards to try to save me from being bullied because of the extra few dozen pounds that had decided to take up residence on my lower body almost overnight. 
Despite years of personal training and one on one nutritional guidance my lower body and eventually my arms continued to grow.  My first year of college was very interesting.  While most college kids gain the 'freshman fifteen' from drinking beer and eating pizza, I put on a remarkable 60 lbs to my hips and thighs. 

From with each pregnancy my legs doubled in size.  So three pregnancies later, my legs hurt so much that just standing on them for more than 5 minutes becomes a white knuckle experience.  My doctors were clueless - unfortunately this is the story for so many women.

           I was eventually diagnosed with Stage 3 Lipedema and half a dozen or so other conditions that typically develop when Lipedema is left untreated.

When I went online to research Lipedema treatment and what I could do to help myself it was very challenging to find any information.  As far as he internet and my doctors told me , Lipedema was incurable, untreatable and the only thing to do was to accept that the condition would continually progress and worsen.


 I racked my brain for what I could do and how I could contribute to the world now that I can't work my usual job and have so many physical limitation - so I started a blog.  Little did I know that millions of women suffer with the same hopelessness I felt before being diagnosed. 

There is hope

I have been researching and reading everything I can find on Lipedema and have found ways to help myself lessen the pain and size of my legs.  Above that I learned from Dr. Heck at the Lipoclinic in Germany that he and his team have cured Lipedema in thousands of patients. He is trying to teach his methods to heal Lipedema sufferers globally.

I hope to create awareness for Lipedema,  fund raise for research and treatment, petition the government for coverage under provincial health insurance etc.  And above all - Spread the message that you, like me, are beautiful!  I hope to help more women accept the lippy parts of them and not have to live in fear of bathing suit season.  You deserve to wear a bikini if you want to and Rock It on the beach!

It is early days in my quest for Lipedema Awareness,  I welcome any and all support, advice, donations etc. 
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*The products on my website are NOT endorsements - they are products I have personally bought and tried

*Monies donated through GoFund me are used to pay for treatments and future surgery


You are beautiful 

When I finally received a diagnosis of Lipedema, I learned that my fat, vein covered, blubbery legs weren't my fault  - I felt set free!  I finally accepted myself for being different.  So many of us have healing work to do and raising awareness about Lipedema will help so many women learn that they can stop blaming themselves.  Doctors can be informed and educated, research can be done.  


Thank you for your support!